At estudio elgozo, we specialize in creating compelling audiovisual narratives through the lens of anthropology. Our unique approach allows us to delve deeply into the subjects we portray, ensuring a nuanced and accurate representation of the content. By tailoring our methodology to the nuances of each project, we strive to deliver powerful and authentic audiovisual pieces.

We thrive on working with artists and cultural events, actively contributing to the collective vision for presenting performances and artistic works. Our level of involvement in each project is tailored to its unique requirements. Whether it’s capturing scenes with cameras, using drones for dynamic shots, or creating immersive experiences through 2D and 3D animation techniques, we adapt to the specific needs of each endeavor. In addition, we use the tools of anthropology to delve deeper into the conceptual aspects of the piece, incorporating methods such as interviews and storytelling that enrich the artistic narrative. Sometimes we are an integral part of the entire creative process, contributing our expertise to shape the final audiovisual piece.

In our engagement with social projects, we use participatory methods to capture the diverse perspectives of key stakeholders: project beneficiaries, community members, researchers, technicians and planners. Our videos not only show expected outcomes, but also reveal the dynamic progress and unforeseen outcomes within these processes. By using participatory methods, our videos become powerful tools for disseminating results, promoting knowledge sharing, facilitating self-evaluation, ensuring accountability, complementing monitoring and evaluation systems, and empowering communities and technical teams.

When creating audiovisual pieces for specific products, we use methodological tools to understand the product’s benefits from both the producer’s perspective and the consumer’s needs. This dual perspective allows us to develop compelling audiovisual stories that serve as the foundation for product development.

At estudio elgozo, we believe in the transformative power of audiovisual storytelling. Our commitment to methodological precision ensures that each project receives a customized approach that brings out the richness and authenticity of the content we portray. Whether it’s a social initiative or a product-focused narrative, we are dedicated to creating visually compelling stories that resonate with audiences and leave a lasting impact.