In 2011, our paths cossed in Colombia, leading to the creation of estudio elgozo on the vibrant Caribbean coast. Initially focused on communicating social and environmental projects in the country, our journey continued and in 2016, we found ourselves in Vienna. Here, we broadened our horizons by collaborating with a wide range of professionals – artists, urban architects and entrepreneurs. Throughout our evolution, joy has remained at the heart of our projects, infusing every endeavor with a spirit of creativity. Our migratory experience gives us the unique ability to straddle two worlds simultaneously, a dynamic that has become the catalyst for the development of our distinctive audio-visual pieces.


Susana Ojeda, MA

Susana Ojeda is an anthropologist, filmmaker, and activist holding a degree in Anthropology and an MA in Regional Development from Bogotá. With over 15 years of experience in Colombian social projects, she co-founded estudio elgozo, introducing audiovisuals as a participatory tool in her work. Since 2011, estudio elgozo’s collaborations with artists and cultural institutions have broadened her artistic horizons. Susana’s short films, installations, and artistic readings explore decolonial and eco-feminist themes, explore relationships with more than human beings, and honor ancestral knowledge. Actively involved in activist groups such as Alerta Feminista Austria, Feminist* Bloco Descolonial, and Kollektiv antikolonialer Interventionen in Wien, Susana became co-president of the Austrian Association of Women Artists (VBKÖ) in 2023, focusing on the intertwining of art and activism in Vienna.


DI Hubert Marz

With over two decades of experience as an architect, Hubert is the visual storyteller of our team. His expertise lies in the communication of artistic, architectural, cultural and social projects. Armed with digital and virtual cameras, coupled with a mastery of cutting-edge software, Hubert creates high-quality images that bring our projects to life. Since 2011, he has been an integral part of estudio elgozo, working alongside Susana Ojeda as a co-partner.

Together, Susana and Hubert form the dynamic duo steering the course of estudio elgozo. Their synergy and dedication are the driving forces behind the unique character of our studio, where creativity, joy, and a commitment to impactful storytelling converge.