Performance in Vienna, August 7th, 2018

Organized by Susana Ojeda with Natalia Bernal and Andrea Colmenares

Since the signing of the Peace Agreement in October 2016 until today, 345 social and environmental leaders, human rights defenders, indigenous, Afro-Colombians and land claimants have been selectively murdered. These murders seek to break with the social fabric and dismantle the actions that the collectives have been developing in their territories for the defense of human rights, the reparation of the victims of the conflict, the defense of natural resources and ethnic territories, to oppose the expansion of mining, agro-industry and energy megaprojects, denounce the land problem or claim over it.

Here we pay tribute to our Peace Heroes killed in this absurd war that never ceases and we shout from Vienna:

Stop the selective killing NOW!

We want our leaders to continue working for life, territory and the environment!

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